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D E A T H is currently recruiting the following:
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Berserker (1)
Bruiser (1)
Guardian (1)
Monk (1)
Paladin (1)
Shadowknight (1)
Coercer (1)
Conjuror (1)
Illusionist (1)
Necromancer (1)
Warlock (1)
Wizard (1)
Defiler (1)
Fury (1)
Inquisitor (1)
Mystic (1)
Templar (1)
Warden (1)
Assassin (1)
Brigand (1)
Dirge (1)
Ranger (1)
Swashbuckler (1)
Troubador (1)
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Welcome to our page !

Thank you for choosing D E A T H as your Everquest II guild, i hope you enjoy your time with us. 

The guild is mainly Australian with a hint of UK, EU and US.  We are not a high pressure elite guild, we just like players to enjoy the game at their own pace.  There's no pressure to join raids or any other stuff that some elite guilds will require you to do.  Just enjoy the game and be nice to your fellow guildies and others you may group with, after all first impressions are a good thing and its how we gain potential new members.

So who are we? We are a bunch of old and young players who all play at times that work around our lifestyles some play alot while others you may not see for a day or too.  You will also find that some of the players aren't that chatty but then who has time to talk when you are mowing down the Q's. 

We are all... well i hope we are all friendly players who will help each other out as and when we can.  If you have any questions about the game don't be afraid to ask a fellow guildie.

Same old guild conduct rules. No drama, bullying, spam etc, you know the drill.

If you like what you see above and you like to enjoy all aspects of the game and want to help progress our guild then please head to the Recruitment Page in the forums to apply.

Look forward to seeing you ingame.

Your Guild Leaders.


Painkillerz374, Jun 15, 10 5:31 PM.
!! DEATH is now raiding T9 !!  Big pat on the back to everyone who has been working hard towards gearing up and attending the T9 raids, we still need to do a bit of work but we are getting there.
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